About Vision in X industrial imaging GmbH

Vision in X industrial imaging GmbH is a German company, based in Berlin and founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the German Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM).  We develop innovative software for digital industrial radiology (DIR) as well as complete digital radiography (DR) systems based on the most advanced achievements in the field.

We possess over a decade of experience in digital industrial radiology and about two decades of experience in digital image processing, algorithms and software development.  Our software is designed specifically for the needs of NDT-users and is not a medical software sold under an NDT-label as many of our competitors do.  It incorporates a huge amount of digital radiography related know-how collected in the last twenty years.

Our software is available stand alone as well as together with imaging and X-ray hardware.  In the first case it is intended for system integrators or users who already own the key components.  In the second case it is suitable for users who want a complete solution from one source.

Another area of our activity is consulting and support of customers who are going to perform, or have recently performed, digital conversion and choose to benefit from our experience in digital industrial radiology.