Acquisition of CT and laminography data sequences

Many tasks of computed tomography (CT) or laminography require custom and/or easily reconfigurable acquisition of image sequences.  This implies the ability of software to control a manipulator, an X-ray source, an imaging device and maybe some other external devices.  Vision in X offers very powerful and flexible means for these and other purposes with our Digital RT software ISee! Professional.

Along with support of many external devices and protocols by ISee! Professional, virtually every custom behaviour is possible thanks to the availability of a powerful internal programming language for the software.  This allows users to create their own sub-programs for ISee! Professional.  In such sub-programs the user may use variables, loops, subroutines and other structures of typical functional programming language.  At the same time they have access to all of the functions of ISee! Professional and the add-on modules, text processing, access to file system, etc.

Certainly, there are means in ISee! Professional which allow for parallel image acquisition and processing/saving of frames in the background.  Most of processing is done utilizing multiple cores of modern CPUs.

If some of the users' hardware is not supported, or some non-standard processing is necessary, we are happy to consider development of custom modules and solutions for you.  Please contact us.

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