What is "ISee! Professional"?

<b>ISee! Professional</b> screenshot

ISee! Professional is the third generation of our successful software for digital industrial radiology.  ISee! Professional is designed to increase reliability, flexibility and efficiency of radiographic and radioscopic testing in industrial applications.

ISee! Professional  offers

ISee! Professional  designed by the author of the well-known ISee! software, which became the de-facto standard and the reference for laboratory RT-software over the last decade.  ISee! Professional continues and extends ISee! on the new technological basis with the primary focus on use in productive environment.

Different tasks - One Software

One of the key properties of ISee! Professional is its neutrality and independence from hardware manufacturers.  With ISee! Professional it is possible to acquire and analyse images from different DDA detectors, CR-readers and film digitizers using exactly the same software.  

Why is it important?  Despite the variety of different systems available these days in analogue, CR or DDA segments, it is usually a combination of them, depending on workflow, quality requirements and productivity that produces the optimum result.  No one detection technology is able to cover all of your needs alone and you will always need to have at least two of them.  Using different software products with different imaging technologies, or with devices from different manufacturers, makes things only more complex and more expensive than if only one program is used.

Even if the majority of tasks at one's site can be accomplished using DDAs without resorting to film or CR, it is unlikely to be able to manage all of them with the same detector.  Different requiremets to resolution, size, speed, etc., up to connectivity, are all factors why one wants to have different detectors.  With ISee! Professional the great majority of them, if not all of them, can be used with the same software!

Made for NDT

A screenshot of the <b>ISee! Professional</b> software

Contrary to its competitor products, ISee! Professional is not a fork of some medical or security software.  Instead, it is made to satisfy specific requirements of NDT people, i.e. it offers special instruments to solve particular inspection tasks: welding seams inspection after ISO 17636-2, heat exchanger testing, corrosion and erosion inspection (wall-thickness measurement), etc.

Instead of providing a heap of general purpose filters barely useful for enhancing of radiographic images and leaving large room for misuse and errors, ISee! Professional is supplied with a concise set of application-optimized tools proven in over a decade of practice and which are easy to understand and to use.

With ISee! Professional one can go through the whole life circle of a digital radiographic image using only one software: image acquisition, viewing and enchancement, management (i.e. supplying of meta-information for archiving and future use), measurement and analysis, sharing (e.g. for remote assessment through higher qualified personnel) and generation of inspection reports.

The friendly, fully customizable, yet very powerful user interface is one of the qualities which distinguish ISee! Professional from competing solutions.

Modular and flexible

ISee! Professional is flexible and universally applicable thanks to its modular design and powerful Plug-In API.  Modules can be easily added or removed according to the specific requirements of a particular user.  Modular design allows us to offer solutions to our users which best fits their requirements and needs.  This finally boils down to lower costs, clearer handling and better efficiency.  Besides standard modules, custom on-demand developments are possible in an economical way.

ISee! Professional implements a powerful build-in scripting language, offering a rich set of functions and opening up a range of possibilities.  This allows advanced users to write fairly sophisticated programs to be executed within it.  By writing their own programs (scripts) users can perform customization or automation of some processes, e.g. define a certain workflow, perform batch processing, controll external devices, do data collection, etc.  One example is image acquisition for CT and laminography applications.  Vision in X can also write and provide such scripts according to user requests, so that they will have a good starting point for further work.

Various image processing, image analysing and measurement tools

A screenshot of the <b>ISee! Professional</b> software

This group of extensions includes tools for:

  • image enhancement (a concise preselected set of useful filters)
  • image manipulation (crop, resize, rotate, etc.)
  • detector calibration and bad pixel detection and corrections (must have for DDA but not necessary for people who scan films or use CR)
  • SNR and SRb measurement modules
  • grey value distribution analysis and dynamic profiling tool with numerous extended functions
  • arrow and region annotation tools
  • whall thickness measurements
  • dimentional and area measurements
  • etc.

Support of various imaging hardware

Wide Range of DDAs and Fluoroscopes

ISee! Professional supports various imaging hardware made by different manufacturers.  All major types of DDAs are supported:

  • All Varex XRD series (formerly Perkin Elmer) connected via Ethernet, e.g. XRD 0822 AO/AP, XRD 1622 AO/AP, XRD 3025, etc.  and their proprietary interface (copper and fibre optics), e.g. XRD 1611 AP/CP
  • All Varex PaxScan detectors (formerly Varian) connected via Ethernet (e.g.: PaxScan 1308D, 1308DX, 1308DXT, 1313D, 1313DX, 1313DXT, 2520D, 2520DX, 2520XI/V, 2530C, 2530DX, 2530HE, 3024M, 3030D, 4030D, 4336W, 4336X, 4336R)
  • Varex Dexela detectors with GigE and CameraLink interfaces (all models)
  • All iRay detectors (aSi and cMOS)
  • All Dalsa Teledyne cMOS Detectors, including RadEye HR (aka Mini HR) 33x24 mm² detector
  • Hamamatsu TDI/LDA
  • Ajat CdTe direct converting detectors
  • Advacam direct converting detectors
  • Older Vidisco detectors (Flash X, Blaze X, Rayzor X, Bolt X)
  • of course all Vision in X custom imaging X-ray detectors
  • ask for more...

The list above only contains OEM names.  The relabeled versions of the detectors distributed under different names are of course supported as well. 



Digital fluoroscopes can be used with ISee! Professional as well.  Supported are devices built with:

  • all cameras which come with an Active X driver (virtually every camera manufacturer provides an Active X driver for their devices)
  • all industrial FireWire cameras (direct control)
  • Basler GigE cameras (direct control)




Users of CR and those who perform film digitalization may also find their devices under the following list of supported ones:

  • GE CRx Vision, CRx Flex, CRx Flex II and CRx 25P CR-Readers
  • Fujifilm Dynamix serie of CR-Readers
  • Dürr CR-readers in all flavours
    (e.g. HD-CR 35 NDT or HD-CR 43 NDT)
  • Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer
    (our recomendation for quality film scanning)
  • Vidar Film Digitizers
    (e.g. NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer)
  • Lumisys Lumiscan LS85 / LS75
    resp. Kodak Industrex Film Digitizers

If the device you are searching for is not listed above, please contact us - we will find a solution.

Controlling of X-ray sources

ISee! Professional offers the same flexibility when it comes to choosing X-ray sources as it does with selection of imaging hardware.  Using one or another ISee! Professional module users can control their X-ray sources directly from the software.  Currently supported generators are:

  • Seifert/GE Titan and Eresco series
  • Yxlon Y.MG and Comet XRS systems (with MGC41 control units)
  • Comet/Yxlon iXRS (iVario-based systems), both Mesofocus and conventional X-ray tubes
  • Andrex/Yxlon Smart series of mobile generators (1st generation)
  • Yxlon Smart EVO mobile generators
  • Hamamatsu microfocus sources
  • XrayWorX microfocus sources
  • ICM mobile generators
  • IMS generators
  • Spellman DXB generators
  • Medex mobile generators

Support for Spellman and Gulmay are under consideration.

Assistants and reports

This group of extensions includes a module for automatic generation of inspection protocols (in different formats) and various auxiliary modules, e.g. acquisition assistants.  They are not strictly necessary but make a difference when the target is an efficient and accurate operation.

Further technical and purchasing information

Interested in more technical or purchasing information?  Please contact us:

tel: +49 163 9135650 or +49 30 9653 4837
or consult contact section.