Support of various imaging hardware

Wide Range of DDAs and Fluoroscopes

ISee! Professional supports various imaging hardware made by different manufacturers.  All major types of DDAs are supported:

  • All Varex XRD series (formerly Perkin Elmer) connected via Ethernet, e.g. XRD 0822 AO/AP, XRD 1622 AO/AP, XRD 3025, etc.  and their proprietary interface (copper and fibre optics), e.g. XRD 1611 AP/CP
  • All Varex PaxScan detectors (formerly Varian) connected via Ethernet (e.g.: PaxScan 1308D, 1308DX, 1308DXT, 1313D, 1313DX, 1313DXT, 2520D, 2520DX, 2520XI/V, 2530C, 2530DX, 2530HE, 3024M, 3030D, 4030D, 4336W, 4336X, 4336R)
  • Varex Dexela detectors with GigE and CameraLink interfaces (all models)
  • All iRay detectors (aSi and cMOS)
  • All Dalsa Teledyne cMOS Detectors, including RadEye HR (aka Mini HR) 33x24 mm² detector
  • Hamamatsu TDI/LDA
  • Ajat CdTe direct converting detectors
  • Advacam direct converting detectors
  • Older Vidisco detectors (Flash X, Blaze X, Rayzor X, Bolt X)
  • of course all Vision in X custom imaging X-ray detectors
  • ask for more...

The list above only contains OEM names.  The relabeled versions of the detectors distributed under different names are of course supported as well. 



Digital fluoroscopes can be used with ISee! Professional as well.  Supported are devices built with:

  • all cameras which come with an Active X driver (virtually every camera manufacturer provides an Active X driver for their devices)
  • all industrial FireWire cameras (direct control)
  • Basler GigE cameras (direct control)




Users of CR and those who perform film digitalization may also find their devices under the following list of supported ones:

  • GE CRx Vision, CRx Flex, CRx Flex II and CRx 25P CR-Readers
  • Fujifilm Dynamix serie of CR-Readers
  • Dürr CR-readers in all flavours
    (e.g. HD-CR 35 NDT or HD-CR 43 NDT)
  • Array 2905 Laser Film Digitizer
    (our recomendation for quality film scanning)
  • Vidar Film Digitizers
    (e.g. NDT PRO Industrial Film Digitizer)
  • Lumisys Lumiscan LS85 / LS75
    resp. Kodak Industrex Film Digitizers

If the device you are searching for is not listed above, please contact us - we will find a solution.

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